Weekly Courses


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- students' own projects in their chosen media

Fridays 10.15am - 1.15pm (3 hours with breaks)

This course is for students to pursue personal projects with guidance, using any media that they have experience with and feel reasonably confident in using. Any subject matter, and using mainly students’ own reference, with supplementary reference as needed.

Roz will advise on appropriate media and techniques, planning the project, sizes, what to paint on, how to record, reproduce or frame artwork, and putting paintings into exhibitions if wanted.

She will demonstrate techniques to the whole group occasionally, rather than teaching completely new media individually, as time with each person is the priority.

Venue: Wannock Village Hall, Wannock, Polegate BN26 5NX
Start Date: Fri 17 January 2020
End Date: Fri 3 April 2020
No session: Fri 21 February 2020 (half-term)

Cost: £18 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance)
Refreshments (wide selection of coffee / tea / biscuits) provided free.