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Painting birds - pen, ink, wash & transparent media

Wednesdays 2.15pm - 5.15pm 3 hrs with a break.

A course for those with some drawing or painting experience - but perhaps those new to the topic.

We will be drawing the overall shapes, body positions, head, eye and beak, how the wings and tail are held, and feet shapes.

As weather and opportunities allow, there will be access to a live bird or two, and a trip to the Booth museum in Brighton.

We’ll be drawing / painting with pen, ink and wash and transparent media such as watercolour / thin acrylic washes.

Start Date: Wed 9 January 2019
End Date: Wed 3 April 2019
No sessions: Wed 13 February 2019 (half-term)

Cost: £15 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance)
Refreshments provided free.