Weekly Courses


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Dry drawing materials / pen, ink & wash / watercolour / acrylic

Tuesdays 2.15pm - 4.45pm 2.5 hrs with a break.

This course is suitable for drawing novices and improvers.

We’ll be looking at full body shape, pose and position, and how what the model’s wearing changes the character of the pose. We’ll be examining the way clothes or drapery fall and fold over the body, and the model will be wearing a range of outfits varying in tonal quality, pattern, fabric and colour.

After a few sessions practising with photographic reference, we’ll be working from models.

Start Date: Tues 8 January 2019
End Date: Tues 2 April 2019
No session: Tues 12 February 2019 (half-term)

Cost: £12.50 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance)
Plus cash fee for the model sessions in the region of £4/£5 (depending on numbers) at each session.
Refreshments provided free.