Weekly Courses


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Skies / hills / trees / organic textures.

Thursdays 2.15pm - 4.45pm 2.5 hrs with a break.

This course is for novices and those with some experience in painting, but not necessarily in this subject, and will explore landscape views of various sorts, using looser painting styles and fluid mixed media.

We’ll use acrylic inks, some watercolour, some tube acrylics and combine drawing and mixed media techniques in colour with dip pen, granulation medium, unusual tools for scraping, Gesso and paper surfaces for texture and lifting out, glazing, blotting, spattering and other exciting approaches.

We’ll make reference particularly to the work of John Blockley.

Start Date: Thurs 6 September 2018
End Date: Thurs 20 December 2018
No sessions: Thurs 25 October 2018

Cost: £12.50 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance)
Refreshments provided.