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Seed heads / fungi / Autumn colours and fruit

Thursdays 10.15am - 1.15pm 3 hrs with a break.

This course looks at loose fluid painting styles for botanical imagery, with particular reference to the botanical painting of Ann Blockley, with some reference to John Blockley, Shirley Travena and Gill Bays.

We’ll experiment with colourful watercolour, acrylic and Indian inks and mixed media techniques, creating random textures and shapes by using methods and media that produce natural, organic marks and contrasts in the paint, but always making sure the plant forms in their landscape context are created from good observation – real plant material and photographic reference will be provided, as will drawing support.

Start Date: Thurs 6 September 2018
End Date: Thurs 20 December 2018
No session: Thurs 25 October 2018

Cost: £12.50 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance)
Free refreshments provided.