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Drawing birds

Wednesdays 2.15pm - 5.15pm 3 hrs with a break.

A course for those with some drawing or painting experience - but perhaps those new to the topic, we will be studying and drawing the overall shapes, adaptations, and variations of bird bodies, heads and beaks and feet.

We’ll look at a bird skeleton and find out what makes it different from a mammal, and how the bird is adapted to fly. We’ll examine and draw feathers and look at how they are arranged and used over the body, and how the wings are folded when not in use.

During the course we’ll use photographic material, set skeletons, and we will have a live bird in the studio to sketch for at least one session. If the weather and opportunities allow, we can arrange other trips to draw, including one to the Booth museum in Hove to look specifically at the range of bird skeletons and excellent taxidermy there.

We’ll be drawing with pencil, graphite, charcoal, Conté and pastel, and the drawing styles will sometimes be analytical and sometimes more loose.

Start Date: Wed 5 September 2018
End Date: Wed 19 December 2018
No sessions: Wed 24 October 2018

Cost: £15 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance)
Free refreshments provided.