Weekly Courses


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Water-based paint and pastel

Tuesdays 2.15pm - 4.45pm 2.5 hrs with a break.

This course is suitable for novices and improvers (but who may be beginners to the subject), who have some painting skills. We’ll be looking at the tone and colour ranges across the head, shoulders and hair, and assessing how different lighting and life experience changes / affects the shape of features and texture of the face.

We’ll be examining the small changes and subtle differences in proportion that make for a likeness, using some watercolour techniques (including some gouache body colour), some acrylic and some pastel.

After some sessions practising with photographic reference, we’ll be working from a model.

Please note that there will be a cash fee for a model for some later sessions after half term in the region of £4 (depending on numbers), payable in cash at each session.

Start Date: Tues 4 September 2018
End Date: Tues 18 December 2018
No session: Tues 23 October 2018

Cost: £12.50 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance)
Plus Model Fee (some weeks): approx. £4 per session (depending on numbers)
Free refreshments provided.